Before the reader gets excited, I should explain. The dirtiest four-letter word is actually the most important word in pest control. The word is “prep”. While being important for the pest control operator, many homeowners may not see its value. Treatments, including for fleas and cockroaches, need cooperation from the homeowner or property owner before a successful insect treatment can be done.

Although a few treatments may be successful without adequate preparation, the truth is that pest treatments are not magic. Proper treatment is based on science. Pesticides alone cannot always solve pest problems. Integrated pest management includes using every advantage and tool at the pest control operator’s disposal to achieve successful pest treatments.

One of the most effective tools is actually in the hands of those who are experiencing insect problems. Proper cooperation from those experiencing pest problems makes a difference. Valuable instructions on what is required for successful pest treatments is available when scheduling an evaluation or toughest insect issues. If you have questions, feel free to call our office for up-to-date information and tips on how you can prepare.