Carpenter Bees emerge in the Spring and closely resemble bumble bees with a couple of major differences. Male carpenter bees do not possess the ability to sting because they don’t have a stinger. Females do have stingers but rarely sting unless confined or threatened. In contrast, all bumble bees do have stingers and have no problem becoming aggressive toward humans. bees are wood destroying pests but do not consume wood for nourishment. They drill 1/2 round holes in wood in order to excavate galleries to lay eggs. Carpenter bees are solitary bees, although many may use the same nest and will active protect the colony. The hovering and quick movements of the carpenter bee is a protection mechanism used to threaten potential enemies. Although damage may occur when woodpeckers peck at areas where adults, eggs and larvae live within the excavated galleries. Control is best achieved by proper treatment of bee holes as soon as the bees emerge in Spring. If this window is missed, another opportunity will occur in August to early September.