The Spring is a great time to get out and get with nature by planning flowers and putting a new layer of mulch around the home and garden and basically sprucing up the homestead. Did you know that while bringing new mulch to your property you might be risking bringing a new insect population right to your door? There is no way to eliminate all insects from mulch, especially if it is purchased in bulk, but there are ways to help protect your property from spiders, pill bugs, millipedes, centipedes and outdoor cockroaches. It is certainly a good idea to be proactive with a professional exterior perimeter treatment to the foundation and around doors and windows and accessible soffit areas before mulch is applied. A professional treatment may include a microencapsulated insecticide that will provide more than a week or two worth of protection. In case mulch is applied first, don’t panic because a post mulch application treatment can also have great success. A bit of prevention can really make a difference because mulch can provide a harborage for many insects along with a food supply allowing them to reproduce and then a population explosion can occur.