The months of May and June are Months for peak activity for the Pennsylvania Wood Roach. This type of roach is an “outdoorsy” bug. In fact, they cannot survive inside the home easily because there is not a good food supply. If there is a type of roach that is considered clean, This would be the one! A wood roach can grow to be quite large, to about an inch and a bit longer. Their Job in nature is to help break down organic matter like leaf litter fallen trees and decaying wood. They are one of nature’s decomposers. If a wood roach finds its way in the home, it normally is by accident or due to being drawn in by outdoor lighting that is quite attractive to many outdoor insects. They are not bad insects but are considered a nuisance pest if found within the home. In most instances, treatment may not be necessary at all. Do not consider these Wood Roach cockroaches the same as the nasty German Cockroaches that feed on foods inside home or restaurant settings. Wood roaches do not like and will not survive on human food! Control can be achieved by exterior perimeter treatments tat are also beneficial in controlling a variety of other outdoor insect pests. If you see large wings on an insect that you think is a German roach, you probably have a wood roach. Catch a sample and bring it to your professional pest control company for identification and a potential treatment plan.