Mud Daubers are very recognizable by the cylindrical mud tubes they build that are left on structures. These mud tubes resemble pipe organ pipes that may be single in nature or in a cluster. Mud Daubers are not social insects so they do not congregate in large numbers and do not work together to support a colony although there may be more thank one dauber in one set of tubes. Mud tubes are built as brood chambers in which paralyzed spiders are brought in to serve as food for the developing larvae until they emerge as adults the next spring. Mud Daubers are not extremely aggressive but will sting if handled. The Mud Daubers sting; however. on the pain scale, only rates a 1 out 5 making their sting uncomfortable but not extremely painful. Chemical control can be used, but one great non-chemical method is simply scraping off the tubes they build and are attached to. Another note that may be useful is that some types of Mud Daubers will inhabit already existing mud cylinders to lay eggs for the next season. you can expect to see Mud Daubers from Mid-spring thru the fall.