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The Meadow Mouse!

August 18, 2023|

Moles and Voles are often confused as being the same critter, but they aren't. Moles tunnel in turf and raise the dirt while voles usually [...]

Let’s Talk Carpet Beetles

August 18, 2023|

Carpet beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs even though after close examination they are distinctly different. The problem arises when the carpet beetle adults [...]


August 18, 2023|

Did you know that chiggers are not insects? Actually, they are immature mites known as larva; and only the larval stage of the mite bites [...]

Honeybees Natures Treasure

August 18, 2023|

Did you know that honeybees are responsible for over 80% of pollination of the plant foods that humans eat? Without pollinators, we as the human [...]

Yellow Sac Spiders

August 17, 2023|

Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders have great mane recognition for being the only two venomous spiders in the state of Indiana, however there [...]

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