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The Call of the Fall

As Fall is upon us and we settle into cooler temperatures, it is important to consider possible pains and dangers of overlooking typical fall insect issues. This article is just a reminder to keep your [...]

The Call of the Fall2023-09-18T20:10:20+00:00

The Dirty Four-Letter Word in Pest Control

Before the reader gets excited, I should explain. The dirtiest four-letter word is actually the most important word in pest control. The word is "prep". While being important for the pest control operator, many homeowners [...]

The Dirty Four-Letter Word in Pest Control2023-09-11T13:56:04+00:00

Cicada Killers- Masters of Intimidation

Cicada killers are wasps that use mimicry to protect themselves from humans and other would-be predators. The yellow and black markings resemble yellow jacket wasps that are social wasps with a reputation of being fierce [...]

Cicada Killers- Masters of Intimidation2023-09-05T13:55:27+00:00

Sounds of the Night

Nothing introduces late summer and fall like the chirping of crickets. Did you know that the male cricket rubs his wings together (called "stridulation") to make that chirping sound. The wings of most cricket species [...]

Sounds of the Night2023-08-29T13:27:55+00:00

Only One to Two Pounds!

Can you believe it that the average Americans consumes one to two pounds of insects and insect parts per year? According to the Terro Chemical Company, The average coffee drinker could take in as many [...]

Only One to Two Pounds!2023-08-21T16:23:02+00:00

Dance of the House Mouse

The House Mouse is the most common mouse pest in Indiana. Did you know that a female House Mouse produces 5 to 7 young per litter and can give birth 8 to 10 liter per [...]

Dance of the House Mouse2023-08-18T20:03:21+00:00

What is Up with the Ants?

Most people do not expect to see ants in below freezing temperatures, but many folks seemed to be plagued with ant invasions during the winter months, Why? The answer is really simple. Ants do not [...]

What is Up with the Ants?2023-08-18T15:49:15+00:00

To Bee or Not to Bee

Carpenter Bees emerge in the Spring and closely resemble bumble bees with a couple of major differences. Male carpenter bees do not possess the ability to sting because they don't have a stinger. Females do [...]

To Bee or Not to Bee2023-08-18T15:47:46+00:00

The Effect of Mulch Around Your Home

The Spring is a great time to get out and get with nature by planning flowers and putting a new layer of mulch around the home and garden and basically sprucing up the homestead. Did [...]

The Effect of Mulch Around Your Home2023-08-18T15:46:34+00:00

What is in Your Oatmeal?

According to Scientific American, the average American consumes 2 pounds of insects per year. The amount worldwide is much greater because our FDA works as a safety net by having food defect standards that do [...]

What is in Your Oatmeal?2023-08-18T15:44:25+00:00
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