One of the most resilient insects in the world is the cockroach. Why would that be? What makes them such survivors? The purpose of this article is to investigate an insect with the amazing ability to survive.

According to Pest Control Magazine:

  1. A cockroach has the ability to run faster than many other insects. Its speed tops out at about 3 miles per hour just like a human being taking a walk, but that speed compared to its size certainly gives it a real edge on escaping predators.
  2. Its adaptability is superior. A cockroach can adapt to its environment like no other insect. If food is scarce, they can survive with little or no food for a much longer time than humans and most other animals. Dehydration is an insect’s enemy, however. Without water cockroaches will not survive long but remember cockroaches and other insects may be able to survive without standing water if they are in a high humidity environment.
  3. Low temperatures will not kill a cockroach unless it comes along very quickly because the cockroach, along with other insects, can build up a type of antifreeze in its body as seasons change from hot to cool to cold which allows them to just survive as they wait for warmer temperatures. Remember the cockroach survived the Ice Age!
  4. A cockroach can even live without its head. Even with the loss of a head, the circulatory system allows for a clot to form so it will not bleed out. Since roaches have multiple “brains” along the nerve cord, this allows it to continue to move and run. The catch is if there is no head, eventually a cockroach will die because it cannot process food or water.
  5. Cockroaches can literally hold their breath for 40 minutes which allows it to survive in sewers and drains.
  6. Cockroaches will eat about anything. They are not picky!

If you find yourself in a situation where cockroaches are getting ahead of you, give us a call to discuss your questions concerning your cockroach issue.