I know that the title sounds like a movie title, but it is far from fiction. In our area, rogue rats are normally of the species Norway rat. If a Norway rat has found his way into your home, this invader rat can literally wreak havoc.

  • If you have ever found a sack of bread with a large hole in it or chew marks on door casings or doors, you might just have an “Alpha” or “Rogue” rat living in the house.
  • If candy mysteriously disappears from a candy dish or your pet’s food that is left out mysteriously disappears, a rat may be the culprit.
  • If one finds items moved or knocked over around the house, it does not mean that ghosts have inhabited your home; however a rat may have.

Rogue rats can appear out of nowhere affecting differing environments from houses that are cluttered to those that are spic and span, from mansions to apartments, from cities to rural areas. All rats need are a source of food, water and shelter.

Rats are smart. Their intelligence level is very high compared to many other types of wildlife.  Rats have the ability to solve problems quickly and adapt to difficult living conditions making them difficult to trap. If a rat has ever been caught and escapes the trap, there is very little chance that the rat will ever come close to a trap again.

The same goes with baiting for rats. If a rat consumes bait but does not ingest a lethal dose, there is very little chance that the rat will ever touch that bait again.  When dealing with rats in general, it is a good idea to get professional help. Give us a call if you need help or have questions.