Pest Assassins has been blessed with great customers, relationships and friends in 2023. Thank you all for your loyalty and your business.  

2024 will have its challenges, but for now let’s be thankful and reflect on the past and look to the future. The New Year will bring an opportunity to look back on decisions made and look forward to new decisions that will make for a better year.  

Some goals may become reality in a short period of time while others may come through small consistent movements forward. In either case, don’t give up! 

When it comes to pest problems, I would like to offer some suggestions that you might consider. 

  • First of all, many times, considering good maintenance is much cheaper in the long run than letting a pest problem get out of control before dealing with it. Clear brush and clutter away from your home that would provide a harborage for pests and seal openings that may offer an entry point for insects, rats, mice, or wildlife.  
  • Next, look into a pest maintenance plan either quarterly or biannually to prevent common pest invasions such as spiders, ants, stink bugs, etc.
  • Rodent baiting can be done proactively or reactively.
  • My final suggestion is to have an annual termite inspection to protect your investment.

Deciding to be proactive is a great decision for 2024.