One might expect to see fleas outside during the spring, summer or fall, but what
about snow fleas outside in the winter time? Believe it or not, there are such
The Snow flea is a small black critter so primitive that it does not have normal
eyes, legs or mouthparts. In fact, it cannot see except for light and dark. Snow flea
are insects that feed on decaying organic matter in the soil and are mostly found
around areas where there are drains or damp areas. Know this: snow fleas do not
carry or transmit disease and cannot bite. Their mouthparts are not capable of
doing so.
The funny part about snow fleas is that they are not fleas at all! They are a species
of springtail called a hexapod that produces a protein similar to an antifreeze that
allows it to survive cold temperatures by not allowing ice crystals to form in its
A springtail can jump like a flea at the rate of 4.6 feet per second and 50-100
times its length without landing gracefully; they actually bounce when they land.
Snow fleas are easily seen on top of the snow bouncing around but by no means
are they only active in the snow. They can be active anytime.
Snow fleas are just another part of diversity in our great creation.