Sounds scary, doesn’t it?  Did you know that there are flesh eating beetles, or dermestid beetles, are all around us and many are just doing their job of cleaning up dead and decaying animals in nature?

Forensic scientists use flesh eating beetles found on cadavers. By collecting the beetles and analyzing the beetle, the time of death may be determined. These beetles, along with flies and maggots, tell forensic entomologists’ stories about death and maybe even how crimes were committed.

Dermestid beetles are also known as being flesh or hide beetles and are used in removing flesh from skulls and bones by taxidermists and medical professionals.

Flesh eating beetles almost sound exotic and far from the average home, but that would just not be true. Dermestid beetles can infest any dry organic matter like dried foodstuffs, skins, furs, and other natural fibers like wool, silk cotton and even feathers. They are voracious eaters that even like chocolate.

One type of Dermestid beetle is the carpet beetle that feeds on many natural fibers found in carpet and items of clothing and may be present in the home or office buildings. If they are found don’t panic. They are not something from a horror movie. Carpet beetles can be controlled by licensed pest control professionals.