Did you know that there is one species of termite that is native to Indiana? The Subterranean Termite normally develops colonies in the soil. Termites are social insects that have different castes that perform important functions to maintain the existence of the colony. First there is the queen that functions as the egg layer. Workers are the ones who damage wood and carry nutrients back to the queen and other members of the colony and are extremely important in keeping themselves and other members of the colony clean. Soldiers in the colony protect the workers when invaders are found attacking the colony. Their job is also to rebuild shelter tubes if any damage to the tubes occurs. Winged reproductive termites emerge normally in the spring in hopes of expanding the colony by producing new queens and satellite colonies. Did you also know that termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage in the United States every year? A termite infestation is a serious and can greatly influence not only sale of real estate but can also cost the homeowner a lot of money in damages. Oftentimes swarming is the signal that a termite colony is near or within the foundation walls of the structure. If swarming occurs, catch a sample of the insect or take a good clear picture to be identified by a professional. Don’t let someone pressure you into a treatment without being sure that termites are the problem because ant swarms and termite swarms have some similarities. In case you are unsure about the difference between ants and termites, give our office a call for a free photo card detailing the difference.