The House Mouse is the most common mouse pest in Indiana. Did you know that a female House Mouse produces 5 to 7 young per litter and can give birth 8 to 10 liter per year? An unchecked population can get out of control quickly. Mice are nibblers taking food in small amounts. But the amount of food eaten by the mouse in minuscule compared to the amount of food and household objects/furniture that are contaminated by feces and urine which dribbles continuously. Mouse baits are formulated to work mainly two ways. Some baits are multiple feed baits allowing mice to take several feedings of the bait while others are single feed baits. The Single feed is More effective and cost effective. While using mouse baits it is important to ask yourself some questions. First, will the bait cause a danger of secondary poisoning to non-target animals if the dead mouse is eaten? Second, is the bait easily translocation to areas that may cause a danger to pets or people?