Brown Recluse and Black Widow spiders have great mane recognition for being the only two venomous spiders in the state of Indiana, however there is another spider that is of special interest that should not be overlooked. The Yellow Sac spider is not venomous; however, it is responsible for a majority of spider bites in the United States according to Pest Control Technology Technicians Handbook. A Yellow Sac spider bite normally is not felt when it is inflicted, and the manifestation of the bite may not be seen until later when the site of the bite becomes puffy or swollen with redness occurring along with a burning sensation. The Yellow Sac spider can be found outdoors in leaves or areas of harborage, but most bites occur when the spider crawls into clothing that has been stored and not worn for a while. When worn, the spider is held close to the body and offers the remove harborage on the exterior of the structure including trash, leaves, over grown shrubs and foliage. Be sure to seal all cracks and crevices to build out the Yellow Sac spider along with many of his other insect friends. Protection of the interior of the home starts with removing clutter (clutter is not your friend) and be sure to check clothing that has been hanging for long periods of time or piled in heaps and not worn for a while. Being proactive can help with spider bites and insect problems.